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fireplace safety for your pets

Fireplace Safety tips for your pets

Thank goodness for a fireplace

The temptation to pile some logs on the andirons or fire grate, add some kindling or a starter log, light a match, or switch on the gas is very strong right now, especially if you have a fireplace in your home.

On a chilly autumn or winter day, a roaring fire may be very comfortable since it offers heat and the dancing flames can be hypnotic. In addition, there is the slightly nostalgic fragrance of burning wood as well as a variety of crackling sounds made by the burning logs.

However, fire is also extremely dangerous, which any pet parent can relate to but which our furry children cannot.  We must therefore exercise greater caution if we wish to have pets around the house.

Supervise Pets

Always keep an eye on your pets whether you’re reading a book or watching television. Never leave them unattended when the fireplace is blazing. When you leave the room, teach them to follow you or make a call to them. Accidents like getting burned on the fireplace doors or catching fire from a hot ember that flies out of the fireplace can happen in the span of a single second.

Creating a “ danger zone”

Create an invisible barrier surrounding the fireplace for your pets before you even ignite it, and make it clear to them that they are not permitted to approach the hearth, the log stand, or the tools. Early obedience training can be quite beneficial in this area, but if that ship has sailed, you can still prohibit using the fireplace. Teach your pet the command “leave it,” and choose a location where they may be safe while still being able to watch the people around the fire, such as a bed, crate, or cosy blanket.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Pets could still get injured chasing a toy into the fireplace even after the fire has been put out. In addition to being an important safety feature, glass fireplace doors will increase the radiant heat in your living area. A wire mesh screen should be fitted to stop hot embers from jumping out and igniting nearby combustible objects while doors are open for ventilation during live fires. Close the doors after the fire has been put out to prevent heat loss. Additionally, if your pets become curious or pursue a toy that ends up in the fireplace, it will prevent them from getting burned on the hot grate and ashes. A pet safety fence will assist in keeping your animals away from the

Never let your pets unescorted near a fire

Bring the pets with you if you decide to leave the room where the fire is burning, and keep them out until someone returns. It’s not a bad idea to install baby gates at all of the room’s entrances.

While you’re not looking, something can happen in just a split second, but the harm could be permanent.

Remove Combustible Objects

Your dog or cat’s fur is easily ignited by a hot ember, which could unintentionally burn other adjacent combustibles. By keeping rugs, blankets, and other flammable items far from the fireplace, you can ensure the safety of your pets. From a safe distance, let your pets take in the warmth of a fire.

Avoid Playing Near the Fireplace

Even when it’s not lighted, keep pets away from the fireplace when playing. They won’t realise how dangerous the fireplace is to them until it’s too late.

Enjoy the warmth of the season

As we approach the conclusion of another year, it may be very chilly outside and it grows darker early, but being able to spend those long hours cuddled up at home with our furry friends more than makes up for it.

So prepare some hot chocolate or tea for yourself, some goodies with pumpkin spice for your dogs or cats, and light the fire. After that, assemble everyone around the sofa for a family snuggle.

The humans can then engage in pastimes like reading, crocheting, or binge-watching the newest show, or they can simply enjoy the warmth of the season and their furry children.

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Top Tips for the Avid Fire Starter

To effectively start a fire, whether it be on the grill, in the fireplace, or in a campfire, preparation is essential. While most people light a fire using matches, any kind of lighter will work as well. A stick lighter, pipe torch, refillable metal cigarette lighter, or your typical convenience shop pocket lighter are some examples of these. We can provide you with top tips on how to do it correctly because we’ve been tasked with lighting hundreds of fires throughout the years.

Some people may still find it difficult to start a fire. We will offer insight into the top products for fire lighting throughout this article. We’ll also think about and contrast items made expressly for starting fires. We will contrast Woodabrix Firestarter with competing items and present our results.

We will also provide some helpful advice on how to choose the best wood for wood burners and discuss why burning the proper fuel will be crucial for the development of wood-fired heating systems in the future.

The best way to light a fire

It’s interesting to note that the most popular fuels, or tinder, have a temperature at which they automatically ignite. For instance, this temperature ranges from 300 to 482 degrees Celsius when using wood. There are different ways of thinking about starting fires.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the first step in creating a fire that burns well is to develop a solid base that generates a lot of heat. After that, add more fuel to the fire by utilising smaller pieces so that the heat and flames would become stronger. However, when starting a fire, it’s important to make sure that all of your pieces are dry in order to produce heat.

  • Get some little pieces of wood or kindling.
  • Organize the kindling or tinder to allow for ventilation.
  • Include a firelighter, or wood wool firelighters.
  • No matter if it’s a stove, an outdoor fire, or a fire pit, let air into the device.
  • Before adding more fuel, let the flames grow stronger

Popular Firelighters

Unexpectedly, the UK market for firelighters and fire-lighter goods is thought to be worth £100 million annually. 

Although there have been several innovations in recent years, they have all been variations on a theme up until the release of Firestarter. We’ve listed a few of the most popular kinds of firelighters below. We also tried to include a brief overview of each product and the businesses that make it.

High performance block firelighters: These firelighters, which frequently contain hexane or kerosene, can be smelly and potentially dangerous in residential settings. Popular brand for this kind of fire-lighter is Zip.

Woodabrix Natural Firelighters: Typically, 2-3 of these are required to start most fires; Woodabrix firelighters are made of 100% natural compressed wooden sawdust and vegetable oil. Although they are natural, they might be challenging to start. 

Wrapped sachets: Once more, these goods are frequently kerosene-based and dependent on petrochemicals for production. Tiger Tim, which offers a variety of brands specialising in their production, appears to be at the forefront of such products.

Wood wool: Wood wool firelighters are an easy-to-use product that combine wood wool and paraffin wax. They are a relatively new player in the market for fire lighters. Once more, Tiger Tim’s offering includes a variety of wood wool firelighters.

Fire logs: These items are frequently inappropriate for use on stoves and hot grate equipment because they are typically made with compressed sawdust and wax. They burn for a very long time; however, they might not produce much heat.

So which Firelighter is best?

Having tested nearly every sort of firelighter against our own product, we would always choose Woodabrix natural firelighters. It is by far the most practical firelighting device due to its distinctive appearance and the fact that after it is lit, only logs are required; no kindling is required. Compared to other fire lighting products on the market, our solution removes kindling and lights more quickly, hotter, more cleanly. Furthermore, Woodabrix natural firelighters are pure, all-natural, and clean.

Get yours today and try it out for yourself instead just taking our word for it!

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ways to relax beside the fire

Ways to relax beside the fire

A fireplace is both relaxing and one of the most popular home features. Any estate agent will tell you that home buyers want to find a house with a fireplace. Even if it was a desirable feature, the fireplace is frequently overlooked. If you have a fireplace, there are multiple reasons why you should use it. Continue reading to learn about some of the reasons why sitting around the fireplace and getting cosy can be the ideal source of relaxation for you.


A fireplace’s sound is soothing

The crackling of a fire is one of the most relaxing sounds. Because you can’t always sit outside and listen to the sounds of a bonfire, it can be just as calming and relaxing to sit inside and listen to the fire as it burns down.

Turn off the lights and enjoy the sounds of nature created by a fireplace for an even more relaxing evening with just the sounds of the fire. You can add more or less wood to make the fire appear to be crackling more or less.

Fire sparks the imagination

Fire has been a symbol of creativity, passion, and destruction in many cultures around the world since ancient times. There’s a reason for this: fire has the ability to both create and destroy. These opposing but intertwined forces are what make a fire so inspiring. For centuries, artists, writers, and musicians have drawn inspiration from fire.

Have a pen and paper, a sketchbook, or your favourite musical instrument handy the next time you’re around a fire. Staring into the fire meditatively can literally “spark” some amazing ideas. Remember to take notes after you relax!

Being near a fire is relaxing

Fire is the most primitive and natural heat source we have. There is relaxation where there is warmth, and relaxing near this primal heat source is the ultimate. Sitting near a fire can help you tune your mind and relax your body as you relax in the warmth. Relaxation is essential for meditation. Consciously relaxing each muscle in your body can help you enter a deeper meditative state and become more aware of your surroundings.

To summarise, if you needed another reason to go camping this summer, or simply to light up the fireplace in your home or backyard that you’ve been ignoring, you now know that it’s a perfect accompaniment to your meditation.

A Fireplace Carries You Back to a Happier Time

A fireplace elicits a primal response in people. It carries us back to a Happier time. There was a time when there was no stress from an office job or the demands of the holidays. Life used to be simpler, centered on the basic needs of the family and home.

Wood smoke can help you connect with nature

While you shouldn’t sit directly in the path of a fire’s smoke, being immersed in its scent can be very relaxing. The aroma of wood-burning is pungent and earthy. Meditating near a fire, breathing deeply in the presence of this scent (but not too close) can help you feel more connected to nature. You’ll smell smoke in your hair when you go to bed that night. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it wonderfully relaxing.

Fire can help you get your mind to the present

Something about the off-rhythm crackle of flames focuses your mind if you watch them intently. Furthermore, when you are in the presence of a fire, you instinctively become more alert (it can be dangerous, after all). This state of alertness and attunement can be used to enhance a wonderful meditation session.

Simply relax and concentrate on the flames. Relax your breathing and pay attention to the flicker of the flames around you. Take at the moment with both your body and mind.


A fireplace can be romantic

A fireplace is relaxing, but nothing beats a darkened room lit up by the beauty of a fire. A fireplace in a richly decorated traditional living room is an ideal setting for a romantic dinner for two. It makes a big impression on a first date and really sets the tone. A fire can be a great backdrop for dinner, even as a setting for an anniversary.

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How to use firelighters for survival and camping

Have you ever considered using a Firelighters for camping or survival? We are making the most of the outdoors and finding fun ways to enjoy it now more than ever. Fires have been used to survive for thousands of years and have evolved based on the wood and materials available. We now have many tools to assist us, such as flint and steel or, if you want to cheat, matches. 

No matter how great they are, matches can get wet and become completely useless. Waterproof matches are expensive and frequently tricky to light. As a result, the moral of the story is that matches are not very reliable for survival. We prefer our firelighters as a survival tool because they are lightweight, odourless, natural, and most importantly, water-resistant.

Because fire allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year, it is arguably an essential skill to master, and is there anything more satisfying than building your own fire? Whatever your level of experience with lighting fires, our Natural firelighters are the ideal companion for your adventure. Here are the detailed instructions on how to do it properly.


Starting a Campfire With Our Natural Firelighters

Lighting a campfire requires little skill. However, you must exercise caution to avoid accidentally burning yourself or others. To start your campfire, take a Firelighter and ignite it in several places, allowing it to catch fire.

Never light a fire with a charcoal lighter, gasoline, or any other flammable substance. It is both unnecessary and dangerous. Also, never leave a fire unattended, and keep extinguishing materials (dirt, a shovel, and plenty of water) nearby in case you need them.


The following are the five steps to starting a fire with a lighter:
  1. Select a Site to Start the Fire
  2. Build a Fire Pit
  3. Collect Fuel for the Fire
  4. Arrange the Fuel
  5. Light the Fire

Now, let’s go over the steps quickly so you can get that fire going!

How to Light a Fire Using a Firelighter

You should have brought tools and materials to help with the process.

Components to Consider

  • Shovel- Firepit preparation, safety
  • Bucket- Safety, disperse water, sand
  • Paper- Newsprint, brown bags, etc. to act as tinder
  • Lighter- Heat component of the fire equation

1. Site Selection

Here are some points to consider when deciding where to start your fire:

  • Near water, surrounded by trees
  • Flat ground
  • Accessible firewood to collect
  • Absence of fire hazards susceptible to embers
  • Assess breeze

The campsite is the ultimate source for two of the three fire components. Even when the air is still, oxygen is present, but a slight breeze helps the campfire. As a result, try to construct a fire in an area with good airflow.

2. Build Fire Pit

Guidelines for building a fire pit:

  • Clear a space 3 feet in diameter
  • If possible, excavate the pit to a depth of 6 inches
  • Make a border around the pit with large (softball-sized) rocks.


3. Collect Fuel

Here are the combustible items you will want to gather to optimize the fire-starting process:

  • Tinder- Tinder consists of easily flammable materials such as paper, twigs, dry moss, bark, pine needles, and so on.
  • Kindling- Twigs and small sticks that will catch fire from the tinder
  • Fuel-Stack larger logs upwind from the fire pit to provide a longer sustained flame.

4. Arrange the Fuel

This step is critical to the success of the fire. To be successful, you must get this part right.

  • Loosely arrange a good amount of tinder
  • Determine a few locations where you will light the tinder.
  • Arrange to kindle around and over the tinder, crisscrossing pieces
  • Keep additional kindling handy to grow fire
  • Have logs in reserve to add once the fire has taken hold


5. Light It!

  • Know your lighter, and make sure it can hold a flame for an extended period of time.
  • Ignite the tinder at multiple points

After you’ve finished enjoying your campfire for the evening, make sure to completely extinguish it before retiring to bed. Begin by breaking up any larger logs to expose the fireballs. Pour a large amount of water on the fire and continue to add water until no smoke is rising. Cover the ashes with dirt after they have been extinguished.

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natural eco-friendly firelighters

Why Choose Natural Eco-Friendly Firelighters?

Eco-Friendly Firelighters

If you only have a campfire once in a while, you’ll know that getting a fire started isn’t always straightforward. Eco-Friendly Firelighters are an all-natural and planet-friendly fire starter, perfect not only for starting campfires, but also for bonfires, barbecues, and log burners.

 You won’t feel bad about your little ‘break’ thanks to eco-friendly firelighters. Firelighters can save a lot of time on hectic mornings or after coming in from the cold after a long day’s work.

Yes, you can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, but who has time for that when there are so many other things to do on a trip, camping, or farmhouse?

If you frequently light a fire, firelighters are almost certainly a part of your life, they are a useful item that is easy to overlook but inconvenient to be without. But how do you decide which firelighters to use? Is it better to buy them or make your own? It’s beneficial to spend some time considering your options and how you might be able to make better choices.

Woodabrix Natural Firelighters, Sustainable fire starters, Eco Fire starting blocks

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Firelighters?

Eco-Friendly Firelighters make everything a bit simpler. However, many of the firelighters available on the market do so at the expense of our environment and people.

Many of the firelighters available for purchase are made from fossil fuels. Many of them contain kerosene, paraffin, or paraffin wax, which are all petroleum-based.

Naturally, such solutions are not sustainable and result in significant CO2 emissions, leading to global warming.

Some firelighters are hazardous to humans; thus, they shouldn’t be brought into a healthy home.

Certain choices (hexamine firelighters) emit formaldehyde-a when burned.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has categorized this substance as a human carcinogen, while the US Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as a potential human carcinogen (EPA).

Furthermore, studies have revealed that many petroleum and hexamine-based brand-name firelighters emit a variety of additional emissions that have been shown to be harmful to human health.

Vegetable oils are a solution that is sometimes used to avoid the use of fossil fuels or other hazardous substances. However, those containing palm oil are also not environmentally friendly. The issue with palm oil is that the industry directly contributes to the loss of the Amazon rainforest, which is one of the world’s most important carbon sequestration.

If you’re attempting to be green on your farm and live as sustainably as possible, you’ll want to look at the components in any firelighters you buy carefully. If you do decide to purchase firelighters, make sure to select Eco Firelighters choices.


Should You Buy Eco-Friendly Firelighters, or Make Them?

When it comes to determining whether to buy or produce Eco-friendly firelighters, the trade-off between time and money is critical.

Of course, the choice you pick will be based on your unique circumstances. Purchasing Eco-friendly firelighters is expensive, however building your own is inexpensive, if not free.

Making your own firelighters, on the other hand, will obviously take some time and effort, even if it is not, especially time demanding.

It should also be noted that, while effective, homemade firelighters may not be as easy to use or efficient as those available from eco-friendly firelighter brands especially those made from wood shavings or wood dust and vegetable oil. Whatever you choose, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your decision.

Keep in mind that even the most Eco Firelighters solution will have to travel to get to you. Transportation will very probably emit carbon dioxide. There’s also the packaging to consider, and avoiding alternatives that come in plastic packaging is the most environmentally beneficial option.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Natural Firelighters

Natural firelighters should be included in every fire-starting kit, whether you’re learning how to light a fire for the first time or a seasoned wood-burning pro. Our firelighters are completely natural and additive-free, produced from wood shavings or wood dust and vegetable oil. These firelighters are really quick and easy to light! A great start as you don’t want to be faffing around trying to light your BBQ.

  • Only 1 Woodabrix firelighter is required for starting a fire when used with kindling.
  • So simple to ignite and maintains a lengthy burn period.
  • Lights kindling and coal so easily and effectively with both an open fire and a multi-fuel burner. Flames for up to 10 minutes, making it ideal for use with kindling in open fireplaces and stoves.
  • No need for BBQ gel with these eco-friendly firelighters made from wood fiber and wax. They have no odor and burn for an extended period of time. Ideal for anyone who cooks with wood.
  • Firelighters for pizza ovens, wood burners, fireplaces, and bbqs, as well as camping fires. Very simple to use rapidly light your kindling and firewood to build a fire.

For best firelighters go to: www.woodabrix.co.uk

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safe fire with firelighters

How to Build a Safe Fire with Firelighters

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors with a roaring fire, good company and a night sky full of stars. Building a fire is one of those things that you might sort of know how to do, but don’t really have to do it that often. Building a fire is actually quite simple, whether it’s a campfire or a cozy one in your living room. Here’s how to build a safe fire with firelighters.

What You’ll Need for Building an Outdoor Campfire:

1. A safe place to build your fire. If you’re outdoors, that means a fire pit away from trees and bushes. Select an open location for a campfire. Build the fire pit away from other items. Build about 10 feet (3.0 m) away from tents, trees, roots, overhanging bushes or dry leaves, and other flammable items. This is especially important if there’s no fire ring available. Sweep away loose twigs, sticks, leaves or roots. Underground roots can catch on fire in dry conditions. Do not place a fire near these. You don’t want to be starting any forest fires. Also, if you’re at a campsite, double-check that fires are permitted in the area.

2. Matches. Obviously, you’ll need these to start the fire. Best to use long safety matches, because, well, it’s in the name, they are safer.

3. Tinder/Firelighters. This is what you’ll use to start your fire. Outdoors, this means small, dry sticks and twigs, or firelighters do the trick. We prefer Woodabrix Firelighters, as they are eco-friendly, compact, mess-free and don’t smell of petrol. Put some tinder in the center of your fire pit.

4. Kindling. This is wood that’s slightly larger than tinder, usually a bit less than an inch in diameter. This will burn easily and get your fire going. Make sure this is dry. Stack your kindling on top of the tinder in a “tepee” structure. Make sure to leave an opening on the side you’re going to light. Take your matches and light the firelighters.

5. Logs. Usually a few inches in diameter, this is the wood that will go on your fire last, that’ll build it up to the right size and keep it burning for awhile. Again, you’ll want to make sure this is dry before you use it. As the fire burns, you can gradually add logs and larger sticks.

6. Water. But make sure you have some water handy to put out the fire when you’re done. Only you can prevent forest fires. Always be watchful of small children and pets nearby, never leave your fire unattended. Be sure to put out your fire completely when you’re done!

Note that lighter fluid is nowhere on the list. It’s looked down on by many as dangerous, and frankly, you just don’t need it. At best, you’ll have some weird tasting marshmallows, and at worst, you could burn down your clothing or tent.

That’s it! You should have a roaring campfire in no time, and if you’ve remembered to save a few of those sticks, you can get your marshmallow roasting on.


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eco firelighters cubes and wood wool firelighters

Eco Firelighter Cubes Vs Wood Wool Firelighters

There is an abundance of products on the natural eco firelighter market nowadays. The main two options are firelighter cubes and wood wool firelighters. We would like to have a closer look at these two eco-friendly products and compare how they affect the environment.

What are Eco Firelighter Cubes made of?

Firelighter cubes are made from compressed sawdust and vegetable oil. That’s it, just two ingredients, no additives! The sawdust is a bi-product of wood manufacturing, like production of building timber, pallets, furniture and firewood. So, instead of being thrown away, the sawdust is turned into something useful and beneficial for both the wood manufacturer and the end consumer. 

No paraffin or palm oil is used in firelighter production, therefore they are non-toxic, and consequently it is safe to store the cubes beside your food. Also, the use of vegetable oil means that when the firelighters are lit they do not give off the horrible petrol smell unlike the traditional petroleum-based firelighters. And this makes them ideal for cooking the food.

What are Wood Wool Firelighters made of?

Wood wool firelighters are made from the same products as the cube firelighters, but the manufacturing process is slightly different. Wood wool is a light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber. 

Lots of people have probably seen wood wool either in a hamper at Christmas or in a supermarket packed in a cheese and wine set. When used in packaging it is definitely 100% better than using polythene, polystyrene and plastic products. However, wood wool firelighters are made from compacted material, meaning there is a much greater amount of raw material required to produce those firelighters. Wood wool comes from shredding trees, which primary purpose is not to be used as a piece of furniture or building material, but rather a fire lighting aid.

Which one is better?

Similarly, both firelighters are made from natural products and are biodegradable. They are CO2 neutral and are safe to ignite, as they don’t flare up.

Burn from 8 to 20 minutes and do not dry out or lose their firepower, even after box opening. There is no unpleasant smell and they are not oily or greasy.

There are no petroleum products used in the production of both firelighters. No kerosene, paraffin wax, no formaldehyde nor added chemicals which makes them non-harmful if in contact with vegetation, plants and aquatic organisms.

Finally, if we are talking about price, then they are very similar.

So, which one to choose? You can weigh up all the pros and cons and decide for yourself based on your personal preferences.


For best natural eco-friendly firelighters go to: woodabrix.co.uk

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Woodabrix firelighters cubes 288

What Customers Think About Woodabrix Firelighters

People are creatures of habit, we don’t like change and are suspicious of anything new, but a little change can be actually good. Woodabrix Firelighters are very efficient, they don’t take up a lot of storage space and there’s virtually no mess.

Just have a look at these recent reviews  by our customers who bought Woodabrix Natural Firelighters:


“Was a bit dubious when the box came and it was so small, but 2 firelighters used to light our chiminea and it works great, so really good value for money, no horrible smells and easy to store, also good for the environment. Will be using these from now on.”


“Honestly, I didn’t think it would burn like the traditional ones, but they were great and I was very surprised, burnt well, easy to light, no Chemical smell or residue, I have been converted…. 5 stars”


“I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say, these work brilliantly. They light very easily and just 2 or 3 cubes will light a full charcoal firebox in my BBQ. No nasty smells or flavour and also packaged in a small eco-friendly cardboard box with no plastic packaging. Good value as well. Highly recommended.”


“Great product – after years of using paraffin style, white firelighters, I tried these and will never go back. Burn hotter, for longer and do a much better job of lighting big lump of charcoal on a Kamodo bbq.”


“These are great firelighters. They have the consistency of a very thick hardboard. They burn slowly but constantly.

I use a flame torch to get them going as that really gets them fully alight quickly. Once lit, they stay alight well, and they soon had my barbecue charcoal burning nicely.

I use 5 at a time, so 96 is going to last me good few years.

A good ecologically sound way to get your barbecue going, they work really well and represent value for money.”


“Very pleased! Fires light first time, they light really easily. They smell so much better than the old style lighters. You only need a couple to light each fire so the box is going to last ages. Definitely will be purchasing again!!”


“I use these to light an old anthracite boiler and when I handed it to an engineer who was fixing it for me he criticized them. He got out some fuel drenched ones and I suggested testing them against each other. We did and these lasted longer and gave a stronger burn. Suffice to say after he closed his gaping mouth he admitted that he may have been wrong.  Just because it’s an eco product doesn’t mean it’s substandard. These are first rate firelighters and I swear by them. Thanks!”

So, why don’t give them a go, what do you have to lose?

Note: based on the reviews by Woodabrix Customers at amazon.co.uk


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coal fire with firelighters

How To Light A Coal Fire with Eco Firelighters

While you probably know how to build a fire with firewood, you may find it a little challenging to light a coal fire. Here are some tips for lighting a coal fire with eco firelighters:


  • Always start with a clean fire grate. 

  • Build a small tower with kindling around the firelighters and light the firelighters.      

  • Once the kindling is on fire try to fill the gaps with more kindling.

  • Now immediately throw a generous amount of solid fuel into the fire, so it covers the kindling and firelighters.

  • After that close the door and adjust the air controls to the required level.

  • No flames should be drawn up the chimney but the window should appear to be filled with flames.

  • DO NOT reduce the air flow to the point where the fire is being hampered. If needed keep adding more coal to the pile.

  • And now, the most important bit, pour a cup of tea, sit back in your favourite chair and get cosy.



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