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What Customers Think About Woodabrix Firelighters

People are creatures of habit, we don’t like change and are suspicious of anything new, but a little change can be actually good. Woodabrix Firelighters are very efficient, they don’t take up a lot of storage space and there’s virtually no mess.

Just have a look at these recent reviews  by our customers who bought Woodabrix Natural Firelighters:


“Was a bit dubious when the box came and it was so small, but 2 firelighters used to light our chiminea and it works great, so really good value for money, no horrible smells and easy to store, also good for the environment. Will be using these from now on.”


“Honestly, I didn’t think it would burn like the traditional ones, but they were great and I was very surprised, burnt well, easy to light, no Chemical smell or residue, I have been converted…. 5 stars”


“I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say, these work brilliantly. They light very easily and just 2 or 3 cubes will light a full charcoal firebox in my BBQ. No nasty smells or flavour and also packaged in a small eco-friendly cardboard box with no plastic packaging. Good value as well. Highly recommended.”


“Great product – after years of using paraffin style, white firelighters, I tried these and will never go back. Burn hotter, for longer and do a much better job of lighting big lump of charcoal on a Kamodo bbq.”


“These are great firelighters. They have the consistency of a very thick hardboard. They burn slowly but constantly.

I use a flame torch to get them going as that really gets them fully alight quickly. Once lit, they stay alight well, and they soon had my barbecue charcoal burning nicely.

I use 5 at a time, so 96 is going to last me good few years.

A good ecologically sound way to get your barbecue going, they work really well and represent value for money.”


“Very pleased! Fires light first time, they light really easily. They smell so much better than the old style lighters. You only need a couple to light each fire so the box is going to last ages. Definitely will be purchasing again!!”


“I use these to light an old anthracite boiler and when I handed it to an engineer who was fixing it for me he criticized them. He got out some fuel drenched ones and I suggested testing them against each other. We did and these lasted longer and gave a stronger burn. Suffice to say after he closed his gaping mouth he admitted that he may have been wrong.  Just because it’s an eco product doesn’t mean it’s substandard. These are first rate firelighters and I swear by them. Thanks!”

So, why don’t give them a go, what do you have to lose?

Note: based on the reviews by Woodabrix Customers at amazon.co.uk


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