coal fire with firelighters

How To Light A Coal Fire with Eco Firelighters

While you probably know how to build a fire with firewood, you may find it a little challenging to light a coal fire. Here are some tips for lighting a coal fire with eco firelighters:


  • Always start with a clean fire grate. 

  • Build a small tower with kindling around the firelighters and light the firelighters.      

  • Once the kindling is on fire try to fill the gaps with more kindling.

  • Now immediately throw a generous amount of solid fuel into the fire, so it covers the kindling and firelighters.

  • After that close the door and adjust the air controls to the required level.

  • No flames should be drawn up the chimney but the window should appear to be filled with flames.

  • DO NOT reduce the air flow to the point where the fire is being hampered. If needed keep adding more coal to the pile.

  • And now, the most important bit, pour a cup of tea, sit back in your favourite chair and get cosy.



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