Woodabrix Natural Firelighters (288)

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  • 100% NATURAL FIRELIGHTERS: Woodabrix fire lighters are crafted from compressed wood sawdust and vegetable oil, making them natural firelighters for bbq that are completely safe for the environment. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, sap, or other substances that can pollute your air and food.
  • INSTANT IGNITION: With Woodabrix eco firelighters, starting a fire is a breeze! When broken from their compact block, the fibrous material instantly accelerates ignition, providing you with an almost immediate flame. Each 288-pack equals 3 boxes of 96 bricks, ensuring a long-lasting supply for all your fire-starting needs.
  • ODOURLESS & MESS-FREE: Enjoy the pure essence of your fire with Woodabrix firelighters. Completely odourless and tasteless, this natural fire lighter won’t leave any unwanted flavors on your food or unpleasant chemical residue on your hands. The compacted fire starters are conveniently stored inside a paper box, ensuring minimal waste and easy storage.
  • FLAREUP-FREE AND CHARCOAL FLUID NOT NEEDED: Woodabrix eco firelighter eliminates the risk of flare ups and the need for charcoal fluid. These fire bricks light up faster than a traditional compressed newspaper-based bbq fire starter, ensuring a hassle-free experience using these natural firelighters for pizza oven, campfires, fire pits, BBQs, log burners, and more.
  • LONG-BURNING AND VERSATILE: Woodabrix eco firelighters for wood burners have a burning time of 8 minutes, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting fire for all your fire-starting requirements. They are suitable for wood firelighters-free areas and ideal for survival or storage needs, making them the perfect companion for your wood burners, pizza ovens, BBQs, and other fire-related activities
  • This value pack of Woodabrix Natural Firelighters contains 288 firelighter cubes, this is the same as buying 3 BOXES of firelighters!
  •  Great little saver! Save over £6 when buying this package.
  • Woodabrix firelighters are made of 100% natural compressed wood and vegetable oil
  • No harmful chemicals, sap or substances
  • Completely odourless, tasteless – will not flavour your food
  • Lights faster than more commonly used compressed newspaper-based fire starters
  • Great for campfires, fire pits and any other fire-starting needs
  • Long term safe storage makes it ideal for survival needs
  • Lights even when damp
  • Made in EU from sustainable forests
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