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We live in a beautiful country where most everywhere is green with tall trees abound, picturesque hills and lots of rain! 

Scotland is often mistaken for being a grey, dull and wet country but it’s poorly represented in this light, but it does get cold. Like the majority of people we do like to keep warm and cosy. 

That’s where Woodabrix natural eco-friendly firelighters come in handy to help us create a beautiful fire. Fire is our passion and nothing really replaces a good natural fireplace, and when the fire is built correctly you can enjoy it safely.

We strive to ensure our company’s brand will reflect only highest-quality products at all times. From a very small family start-up we have worked hard investing our belief, determination and hard earned savings to get our company to a point where we provide exceptional service, a trusted and reliable distributor to all our current/future clients and customers. 

We do not limit ourselves just to the products displayed, we can on occasion outsource products on demand.

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