Top Tips for the Avid Fire Starter

To effectively start a fire, whether it be on the grill, in the fireplace, or in a campfire, preparation is essential. While most people light a fire using matches, any kind of lighter will work as well. A stick lighter, pipe torch, refillable metal cigarette lighter, or your typical convenience shop pocket lighter are some examples of these. We can provide you with top tips on how to do it correctly because we’ve been tasked with lighting hundreds of fires throughout the years.

Some people may still find it difficult to start a fire. We will offer insight into the top products for fire lighting throughout this article. We’ll also think about and contrast items made expressly for starting fires. We will contrast Woodabrix Firestarter with competing items and present our results.

We will also provide some helpful advice on how to choose the best wood for wood burners and discuss why burning the proper fuel will be crucial for the development of wood-fired heating systems in the future.

The best way to light a fire

It’s interesting to note that the most popular fuels, or tinder, have a temperature at which they automatically ignite. For instance, this temperature ranges from 300 to 482 degrees Celsius when using wood. There are different ways of thinking about starting fires.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the first step in creating a fire that burns well is to develop a solid base that generates a lot of heat. After that, add more fuel to the fire by utilising smaller pieces so that the heat and flames would become stronger. However, when starting a fire, it’s important to make sure that all of your pieces are dry in order to produce heat.

  • Get some little pieces of wood or kindling.
  • Organize the kindling or tinder to allow for ventilation.
  • Include a firelighter, or wood wool firelighters.
  • No matter if it’s a stove, an outdoor fire, or a fire pit, let air into the device.
  • Before adding more fuel, let the flames grow stronger

Popular Firelighters

Unexpectedly, the UK market for firelighters and fire-lighter goods is thought to be worth £100 million annually. 

Although there have been several innovations in recent years, they have all been variations on a theme up until the release of Firestarter. We’ve listed a few of the most popular kinds of firelighters below. We also tried to include a brief overview of each product and the businesses that make it.

High performance block firelighters: These firelighters, which frequently contain hexane or kerosene, can be smelly and potentially dangerous in residential settings. Popular brand for this kind of fire-lighter is Zip.

Woodabrix Natural Firelighters: Typically, 2-3 of these are required to start most fires; Woodabrix firelighters are made of 100% natural compressed wooden sawdust and vegetable oil. Although they are natural, they might be challenging to start. 

Wrapped sachets: Once more, these goods are frequently kerosene-based and dependent on petrochemicals for production. Tiger Tim, which offers a variety of brands specialising in their production, appears to be at the forefront of such products.

Wood wool: Wood wool firelighters are an easy-to-use product that combine wood wool and paraffin wax. They are a relatively new player in the market for fire lighters. Once more, Tiger Tim’s offering includes a variety of wood wool firelighters.

Fire logs: These items are frequently inappropriate for use on stoves and hot grate equipment because they are typically made with compressed sawdust and wax. They burn for a very long time; however, they might not produce much heat.

So which Firelighter is best?

Having tested nearly every sort of firelighter against our own product, we would always choose Woodabrix natural firelighters. It is by far the most practical firelighting device due to its distinctive appearance and the fact that after it is lit, only logs are required; no kindling is required. Compared to other fire lighting products on the market, our solution removes kindling and lights more quickly, hotter, more cleanly. Furthermore, Woodabrix natural firelighters are pure, all-natural, and clean.

Get yours today and try it out for yourself instead just taking our word for it!

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